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Basics.fst or Advanced.fst WEBCAM Exam Access 2021

RE-TEST: This purchase will only work if you have failed a previous exam attempt. This Exam is completed by Webcam Proctoring so you require a computer with a webcam.

If you have been unsuccessful with your attempt to pass the BASICS.fst exam or ADVANCED.fst exam you can purchase this item. Please enter your existing PIN and PASSWORD to be able to access the purchase area

Once you have completed your payment, the Webcam exam access will automatically appear in your account. To access the Webcam exam access simply click on the My Courses button to find the Webcam Exam Access 2021. You must review and answer the "Webcam Protocol" which consists of 5 questions prior to setting up your Webcam Exam. Immediate access to the Webcam Exam will appearInstructions after you complete the short 5 questions.

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