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On this page you will find resources and information regarding the final Webcam Exam for the BASIC.fst and ADVANCED.fst courses.

TrainCan has partnered with Integrity Advocate to provide you with a positive webcam exam experience. The final chapter of your course will outline the rules, process, and procedure for the webcam exam. The information in this final chapter will guide you to have a successful and positive experience. Please read it carefully when completing the course.

Please see some common questions below:

What does the webcam exam process look like?

What is the passing grade for the webcam exam?
Webcam certification exam passing grades: BASICS.fst (pass 74%) ADVANCED.fst (pass 75%)

When I click “Take Exam Now” nothing happens?
Integrity Advocate works on current devices and browsers (all camera-equipped computers, tablets, and smartphones.) "Current" means Windows 8 and above, and all other operating systems/browsers/devices that are up to date in their version and security patches. See the table for a more detailed view:

Windows Mac iPhone/iPad Android Linux Chrome OS
Operationg System Windows 8+ macOS 10.11+ IOS 10.11+ (recommend at least iPhone 7) Android 8 Ubuntu 18.4 Chrom 58+
Processor Intel Pentium or better Intel A10+ Snapdragon or ARM Intel or ARM Intel or ARM
Free RAM 2GB 2GB 2GB 2GB 2GB 1GB
Upload Speed 0.092 Mbps - 0.244 Mbps
Microphone Any Microphone, either internal or external
Camera 320*240 VGA resolution (minimum) internal or external

Can I use my phone, tablet or iPad instead of a computer?
Yes you can! However, please refer to the chart above to ensure your device meets the system requirements.

My Webcam Isn't working?
Please go to and use the “Try It Out” feature to test your webcam before attempting the actual webcam exam. Here you can make sure your webcam will connect using a practice session. The format of this feature is identical to what you will experience for the actual exam. You can also review the video above to see the pop up that appears to request access to your webcam after clicking “Take Exam Now”

I want to try the system before I click “Take Exam Now”?
Please go to and use the “Try It Out” feature. The format of this feature is identical to what you will experience for the actual exam.

I have concerns about privacy and what to expect? TrainCan cares about your privacy concerns and wants you to have a positive experience. For answers to these types of questions, please visit

My session was invalid and rejected, what do I do?
Before taking the webcam exam, please review the rules and procedures to ensure you have a valid session. If you were flagged for a rule violation and receive an invalid and rejected notification, then you will need to do the exam again.

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